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At VALUE4DOLLAR, we aim to bring businesses and consumers together.

If you believe “VALUE” is not just a bargain price, then you are not alone. To us, “Value” is so much more, it is “Good Quality”, it is “Service” and yes it is also “Good Price”. However, one needs all 3 to call it VALUE.

If we buy a car or a new TV at a bargain price but the quality and after sales service is poor, did we get our VALUE4DOLLAR?

At Value4Dollar we have chosen a different path, we endeavour to work with those businesses who are innovative, value integrity, well priced and offer good quality and service.

When we identify a business that, in our opinion, represents good value4dollar, then we want to help promote that business to you, the general public.

Our VALUE4DOLLAR Catalogue has a well diversified variety of businesses, so you can find our Catalogue of immediate use to you and your loved ones. You are able to find something of interest to every member of the family.

The VALUE4DOLLAR Catalogue is an excellent tool for businesses to promote themselves and generate more clients. It covers 3 REGIONS in Sydney, with each region covering 70,000 households each.


How many people do not know about you?

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