Terms & Conditions

The advertising Client hereby unconditionally agrees to pay Value4Dollar Australia P/L the amount listed in our website or in the contractual agreement for the advertising ad / campaign upfront and in full.

In the case of the Value4Dollar Catalogues distributed into letter boxes, the advertising Client irrevocably agrees to pay Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd the amount / rate agree to and within the time specified on the contractual agreement and that failure to pay the full amount by the agreed time, will render any “special rate or discount” voided and the full retail rate becomes applicable.

The advertising Client hereby further agrees where a Client refuses to pay or has fallen behind more than 7 days, Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd is entitled to commence debt collection or / and start legal proceedings agains the advertising Client to recover the debt, in which case the advertising Client irrevocably agrees to fully compensate Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd for these debt collection / recovery costs incurred.

The advertising Client further hereby irrevocably agrees the payment is non refundable and that there has been no promise or representation of any kind  from Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd or its employees or contractors as to the results the Client may obtain from his/her advertising ad either in the VALUE4DOLLAR Catalogue or in the VALUE4DOLLAR website.

In the case of the Value4Dollar catalogues, the advertiser hereby irrevocably agrees Value4dollar Australia Pty Ltd, the Company, reserves the right to alter the distribution company at anytime. Further, the advertiser hereby agrees that the company conducting the distribution of the catalogues has no bearing on any advertising agreement and/or contract and it has not been the basis of the decison for the advertiser to place an ad in the Value4Dollar Catalogue; it is at the sole discretion of Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd. The distribution may vary from area to area with some areas may be done by Australia Post and some areas by another company. The Value4Dollar Catalogue advertiser further agrees to pay Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd the agreed fee / rate for the advertisement unconditionally.

All art work for the advertisement is the responsibility of the Client and it must be supplied no later than 3 weeks before publication, in the case of catalogue / print advertising.

Failure to meet this deadline may result on the advertisement not being published. Where the advertising Client missed the deadline for the art work and the advertisement was not published, the Client hereby irrevocably agrees to still be liable for the full amount of the said advertisement as if it had been published.

 The artwork costs must be born by the advertising Client. The advertising Client is free to employ whoever he/she chooses to produce the artwork. The artwork must fully comply to the Value4Dollar Catalogue requirements, eg measurements, 5mm bleed, done in Illustrator, In Design, Photoshop, images must be in high resolution with at least 300 dpi and of high standard. No crop marks / lines are acceptable and Powerpoint and / or Word is also not acceptable.
Where the advertising Client employs the services of Zavdesigns, the company contracted to put the Value4Dollar catalogue together, the advertising Client hereby irrevocably agrees to pay Zavdesigns for the artwork and / or Value4Dollar who may agree to colect the cost involved on behalf of Zavdesigns.
The advertising Client hereby further agrees that a delay on Zavdesigns part to produce the artwork on time (minimum 7 days is required prior to close off)  because the Client did not supply the necessary materials and / or details / offer details, will not constitute a reason to either cancel the ad or miss the catalogue deadlines in which case the advertising Client will be fully responsible for the space booked and will compensate and pay the full rate to Value4Dollar as if the ad had been published.

Zavdesigns is not part of Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd, neither a partner, it is a contractor designing company performing work for Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd fora fee for service.

The advertising Client hereby recognizes and irrevocably agrees that whilst Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd will endeavour to print the advertisement in a reasonable quality standard, the advertisement can only be as good as the artwork supplied and exact shades of colour may not be achieved due to different circumstances.

Proofs must be answered promptly and if the Client delays the proofing and it results in a deadline being missed and the advertisement not published, the advertising Client is still liable for the full cost of the advertisement.

Where a Client has booked several issues of the Value4Dollar Catalogue or several months of Website ads, it is the responsability of the advertising Client to request in writing to Value4Dollar that he / she wishes to change / update the ad. In the catalogues, a minimum of 4 weeks is required. The advertising Client will supply the new artwork at his / her cost.

If an advertising Client is offered a discount for multiple publications and the Client does not proceed with some of those publications or reduces the amount of the advertisements, the discount offered will become voided from the 1st publication and the advertising Client hereby irrevocably agrees to be liable for the extra cost and to pay the difference to Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd immediately upon receiving an invoice asking for such payment.

Whilst Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd where possible prefers not to have more than 2 or 3 advertisers offering the same services within the same publication, the advertising Client hereby irrevocably agrees that from time to time this may not be the case due to a variety of reasons and that this never constituted a part of the contractual agreement or the reason for the advertising Client to proceed with the advertisement and that as such Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd is hereby release from any claims or compensation of any kind by the advertising Client.

The advertising client hereby irrevocably agrees to release Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd and its Directors from any claims of whatever nature in the case a publication or publications have to be cancelled due to whatever nature. In this case Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd hereby agrees to refund all moneys paid with respect to that publication only. If a contract agreement is in place for other publications, that contractual agreement remains in place minus the company cancelled publications.

In the case of our website advertising, from time to time, it can happen that website may be down, the advertising Client hereby irrevocably agrees this shall not constitute a reason for termination of the ad or contract, neither a refund of any amount will be applicable.

The advertising Client hereby irrevocably agrees he/she has decided to advertise either in the Value4Dollar Catalogue or in the Value4Dollar website of his/her own will and without any guarantees or warranties of any results. Further, the advertising Client hereby agrees that if the ad response falls below the Client expectations, the advertising Client is still liable for the full cost of the advertisement and hereby agrees it is not entitled to any refunds, discounts, compensation of any kind and no portion of the advertising cost is to be withheld.

Further, the Client hereby warrants his/her artwork does not infringe on copy rights and will hold Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd and its staff and employees free of any claims by any individual or entity as to copy right or breach of the ad and further hereby irrevocably agrees to compensate and reimburse VALUE4DOLLAR for any costs incurred in any defence against any claim, penalty or compensation imposed.

The Client hereby further agrees any advertising in the Value4Dollar website is for a minimum of 3 months and no refunds are entitled to the advertising Client if he/she decides to terminate the ad before its expiry date.

The advertising Client further agrees and authorizes Value4Dollar or the financial institution acting on its behalf, including PayPal, to continue to debit its account or credit card for the website advertising monthly fee. To terminate the deduction of the monthly fee, the Client must request in writing to Value4Dollar, either by email or mail to the website advertised address of the Company, that the advertisement is cancelled by the end of that month. Seven days notice must be given.

The Client agrees to make good and honour any advertised offer to its Clients in the ad published either in the Value4Dollar website or Catalogue.

Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse any advertiser or advertisement if in its sole consideration and discretion believes it is not for the good of the Value4Dollar Company or its Catalogue, website or it may conflict with other advertisers.

In this case above, the decision of Value4Dollar Australia Pty Ltd, the Company, will be final and any potential or existing Client agrees to accept it freely and hold Value4Dollar, its directors, staff and or contractors harmless and free of any claims.