Quality Discounts

At VALUE4DOLLAR, you have quality discounts from quality companies. You can judge us by the company we keep! From HUNGRY JACKS to SUBWAY, EAGLE BOYS PIZZA, GLORIA JEANS COFFEE, THE WIGGLES (WIGGLY PLAY CENTRE) and so many more!
Be it through our free real value money saving coupons and discount vouchers, discount catalogues or with our online real value free money saving discount coupons / vouchers, you are sure to get the best deals.
Some are daily deals, some monthly deals, some restaurant deals / discounts / vouchers but whatever on offer, you are likely to be back for more.

We do not aim to be a “Cudo”, a “Groupon”, a “Living Social” or a “Couponaholic” site, ours is very different and yet very appealing or so we believe! We simply want to bring real value for dollar deals to the public and in turn loyal new clients to the advertisers. It is about bringing businesses and consumers together.
Our advertisers value your patronage and want your business, so please experience the difference. We are not aiming to get an advertiser hundreds or thousands of clients all at the same time but a steady growth of “loyal” clients which the advertiser can handle and at the same time still offer “extraordinary” service with a smile. Now, we call this VALUE4DOLLAR for both the consumer and the advertiser.

Just ensure you show them the ad offer and let them know you have seen it in the VALUE4DOLLAR discount Catalogue or in one of our many advertised real value money saving coupons online and watch those savings come in.

If you need more copies of the ad, please feel free to go to look up the ad in our website or simply click in the “Catalogues” page and print some more copies. Please remember to mention “VALUE4DOLLAR” to ensure the advertisers know their offers are working.

Do not forget to download our APP, so you can have those savings at your finger tips at all times.

Good luck and happy saving!